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Halloween Costumes through the years

That last blog post about my handmade Bumblebee Transformer costume got me nostalgic about all the other fun costumes our family (and friends, coworkers) has come up with over the years.

I thought I'd go ahead and share them all in one mega-list, a la Buzzfeed.

Without further ado: A digital scrapbook of the Hirsch Family Halloween Costumes - can you see how they get more elaborate over the years?

Before we had kids, group costumes meant getting your friends together and going to the thrift store to become the cast of "Saved By the Bell".

Another favorite TV show: The Office. Black Cat Pam and 3-Hole-Punch Jim was our first couple's costume.

My team at work decided to do a group theme of "80's Toy Box" and this is me as a work-appropriate Rainbow Brite.

The next year I covered my cube in drop cloths and dressed up as Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

Remember the Honey Badger meme from 2011?

My Pregnant Unicorn costume was my first viral post. It was featured on Buzzfeed, George Takei, Red Tricycle, and many others over the years. I still see it pop up from time to time.

I was 10 months pregnant with twins and still came up with the above costume, meanwhile, Dan looked around the house and threw on anything he could put his hands on to become... whatever this is.

Oh, how I loved these cuddly monsters. The sweetest little furry fam known to Halloween.

Was I pushing the edge a little by dressing my toddlers up as Piper and Pornstache from Orange is the New Black? Probably. No regrets. Especially over that inspired idea to stick a mustache right on my son's paci.

This is still my favorite. I came up with the idea of pairing Carmen Sandiego and Where's Waldo for a "Hide 'n Seek" theme and nowadays I see it crop up as a popular couple's costume. Coincidence? Of course, the most difficult creation was my Inspector Gadget costume to round out the crew.

Close-ups of the cutest little sneakers you ever did see.

I actually created this costume for a show I produced but who could resist re-utilizing a magic flying carpet when you have one in your garage?

This pirate and his mermaids were the first round of costumes in 2016 because the other was difficult to travel with.

My first try at making a vehicle out of diaper boxes. Holly loved Rainbow Dash while Mickey was downright OBSESSED with his John Deere Excavator toy so I went ahead and turned them into their favorite toys.

My kinda-spooky scarecrow turned out pretty cute!

Holly wanted to be "Pink Dress Ariel" in 2017 which was far more difficult to source than every other version of Ariel but mission accomplished!

There's that Bumblebee Transformer. I won't go on about it - you can read it all here.

Once my kids started to select store-bought costumes I tried to incorporate my own to coincide. My sweet dalmatian daughter with Cruella Deville.

Babe Ruth and his trusty sidekick. Oh, how we miss our sweet pup, Thuthan.

I will say, storebought is certainly simpler. As long as they're happy, I'm happy. Kylo Ren and Lightfury were pretty delighted.

What will we come up with for 2020? It's a family costume that's already in the works!

What's your favorite Halloween costume?

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