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Kiki's Definitive Guide to Dog Parks in Omaha

Hi everyone. My name is Kiki and I'm a happy-go-lucky Boston Terrier from Omaha. I'm here to tell you all about the wonderful world of Omaha's dog parks. From sprawling green spaces to shaded wooded areas, Omaha's dog parks have something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a place to burn off some energy with a game of fetch or just a spot to relax and take in the fresh air, Omaha's dog parks have you covered. Plus, with plenty of places to cool off during the summer months, your pup will be sure to have a great time. So grab your leash and get ready to explore Omaha's awesome dog parks.

Hi. It's me. I love you.

All parks have their own unique set of hours, rules and petiquette so it's always a good idea to check on those before you go.

My signature "Are we there yet" pose.

Gene Leahy Mall DOWNTOWN Omaha's newest public dog park, this little gem is located on the Northeast side of the mall. With the new revitalization of the area, it's nice that the city didn't forget to include the doggies in the fun. Separate areas for small and large dogs, seating for the people, and fun tunnels and agility courses. This is a feather in the cap of this immersive downtown space! Located at 801 Douglas St.

Sniffing out some friends at Dewey Dog Park

Dewey Dog Park MIDTOWN Kiki's favorite spot is Dewey Dog Park! Located at 550 Turner Blvd., it's the perfect place for him to run and play. With two separated areas for play, Kiki can choose whether he's in the mood to roughhouse with the big dogs or stick to antagonizing the smaller ones. The park is made of AstroTurf, so we don't need to worry about tracking mud into the car and the soaring sails provide plenty of shade. Both areas come equipped with doggy playground equipment and "splash pad" areas for the braver pups.

Hanscom Dog Park SOUTH MIDTOWN A visit to 3201 Woolworth Ave is a great for a place for all of Kiki's pals friends who love to run around and play. It's really big, so you have plenty of space to run and there are two sections - one for small dogs and another for all sizes. The only downside is that it's grassy and muddy, and there isn't much shade, so make sure to bring some water if you come.

Some pals at Canine Courtyard Bark Park.

Canine Courtyard Bark Park AKSARBEN The Canine Courtyard Bark Park park is well-kept and features two large areas for larger and smaller dogs. There’s plenty of water to keep pups hydrated, and there’s even some obstacle equipment set up for them to play on. The area is grassy but muddy areas are often mitigated with woodchips to help keep mud at bay. What’s even better is that the park is located next to the Inner Rail Food Hall, which has tons of restaurants and even an outdoor dog-friendly eating area. It’s located at 6515 Shirley Street but take note that it's only open until 5pm.

I'm more of an "on-leash" dog at Chalco Hills.

Chalco Hills Dog Exercise Area SOUTH WEST OMAHA Nearest in distance to our Chalco home, it's unfortunately also our least favorite on the list. The only reason though is because it isn't fully enclosed and we've had many a sprint after an over-hyped doggo trying to stop him from running freely out into the wide open world. I'm honestly a little baffled as to why they don't close this off since otherwise it's a beautiful and unique spot for pups to wander through windy paths mowed out of tall grasses (be sure to check for ticks after). There is no water provided so bring your own... and probably some running shoes if your pup likes to take off like Kiki does. If your doggo is strongly obedient even in interesting places, this is a lovely area to let him roam like he's in the wild. A little tricky to find, it's located in the Northeast corner of Chalco Hills Recreation Area, 8901 S. 154th St.

Miller Dog Park NORTH OMAHA A small-but-mighty section of the larger Miller Park recreation area, this cute park has doggie agility obstacles, fun water features and shaded seating for pawrents. Two areas keep the small and larger dogs apart. Located at 2707 Redick Ave.

Showing my best side at Hefflinger Dog Park.

Hefflinger Dog Park NORTHWEST OMAHA Omaha's OG dog park, it's also huge (HUGE!) standing out 5 acres of wide open grass. Located at North 112th street, it also has an additional 2 acres of space for smaller dog. Not a ton of frills but if you're looking for space, this place has it. As a bonus, there's a playground nearby to wear out your (human) children, too.

Jewell Dog Park BELLEVUE Listen, they can't all be fancy. It has grass and a fence and dogs and it's located at 600-624 Combs Road. It does have two areas but bring your own water and use the human restroom before you go. There are nice on-leash trails nearby if you and your furry pal are still up for a post-park stroll.

Beardmore Freedom Park BELLEVUE Another good sized fenced in area for pups to run in play there are no frills to this park. While two areas exist, when we visited only one side was opened. We were told they only open one at a time so the other side has a chance to regrow the grass so if your dog won't mix well with other sized pups, this might not be the best fit for you. It is located at 410 Fort Crook Road North

Sis found a frog at Walnut Creek but wouldn't let me have it. Rude.

Walnut Creek Off Leash Area PAPILLION Want to get messy? Here's your spot! Fenced on 3 sides with the other bordered by a swimming pond, this is a great spot to let your dog live her doggy playtime best. It's also more on the "nature" side than most with trees and relatively unkempt grasses to explore. That said, if your dog is an escape artist, you might consider keeping a leash and a close watch. Definitely bring a towel! You can find it at 11601 S 96th St.

So there you have it, folks! Some favorite dog parks in and around Omaha. No matter which park you choose, just remember to be friendly and respectful to your fellow pups and humans. And don't forget to bring plenty of water and snacks – we all know how much we love to eat!

If you want to follow all my pup adventures, including pup-friendly businesses and MOSTLY cute pictures and videos of me, come find me on Instagram at

See you there! Woof woof!

My signature "after the dog park" pose.

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