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Kiki Turns 1

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Let's be honest: this post is mainly for the pictures. But I realized I had never done a post just about our Pandemic Puppy, Kiki! He came to us on February 15th, weeks before the country started to shut down due to the spread of COVID-19.

Small boston terrier puppy asleep in suspended basket
Photo credit: Red Fencepost Photography

I'd wanted a Boston Terrier for years and he was just the perfect little nugget.

Cathy holding a Boston Terrier which is small enough to fit in her hand.
Visiting Kiki weeks before he came home with us.

There couldn't have been a better time to have a new puppy. We were all home all. the. time.

Small puppy peeks out from inside a laundry basket.
Kiki helps with the laundry.

We had something to care for.

Man holds Kiki who is lounging upside down and appears to be smiling.

Something to keep us laughing.

Puppy kiki stands on side table licking the inside of a wine glass.
Apparently, Kiki prefers white wine.

And something to snuggle with when things were extra gloomy.

Kiki and small girl, both asleep. Kiki rests his head on her shoulder.
It doesn't get any sweeter.

My friend and photographer Jordan of Red Fencepost Photography reached out asking if we could shoot newborn puppy photos and who am I to say no to such a request?

Kiki, asleep in a lined bag. A blanket and plants spill out.
Photo credit: Red Fencepost Photography

From the outset, I created a social media account for him on Instagram and later Facebook. 1. To have a place to spam with puppy photos without annoying people on my personal pages (they still get some... not quite THIS much though).

Kiki sits on an outdoor deck, wearing a blue bandana.
Who's a handsome boy??

And 2. To highlight dog-friendly places and spaces around Omaha. He and I only hit up a few of these before the shutdown took hold but eventually I'll post a wrap-up of those spaces, as well.

Kiki rests on a store display. It is a swinging egg shaped dog bed.
I swear he was smiling.

Each December I've already been juggling twins' birthday, my husband's birthday, and Christmas so why not throw a dog's birthday in the mix, as well? Put it on my tab.

Kiki stands, paws on the seat of a floral dining chair.
"I'll have one of whatever it is you're having"

We celebrated Kiki's 1st birthday on December 26th with treats we picked up at Woof & Whiskers in the Shops at West Grayhawk...

Store display of various dog bakery items featuring Christmas decorated cookies and treats.
The day-after Christmas selection.

Topped that off with some dog-friendly frozen yogurt from Doggurt...

Image of decorated dog treats and a cup that says "Doggurt"
His birthday spread.

Toys my kids picked out from Fun Services, a local family-owned business...

Kiki in green sweater stands with hamburger shaped dog toy.
He takes his burger so well-done that it tastes like rubber.

And a bunch of new threads from Omaha-based online shop Ripley & Rue. Kiki is also an ambassador with them so if you ever need any ultra-cute gear you can use his code for a discount: KIKI10

Background: Kiki stands in green sweater in front of a fireplace. In the foreground is a box that says Ripley & Rue with several dog accessories.
He's going to look so cool.

If you're like me and can't get enough of doggos, feel free to follow him at on social. I plan to pick back up with the showcase of dog-friendly businesses in Omaha once things calm down a bit again.

Small puppy on deck stairs, appearing to bark.
Protecting his home.

Ah, heck here's one more puppy pic.

Kiki lays in a dog bed, wearing blue pajamas featuring white clouds and yellow stars. Kiki has one eye open looking at the camera.
Must. Snuggle. Puppy. In. Jammies.

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