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Writing your Strongest Offer

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

When I started my career in Real Estate we were in the middle of a pandemic and a housing market unlike any even the most veteran agents had ever encountered. We could advise our clients on what comparable properties sold for and help them craft a sound offer just to watch them get beat out time and time again. 🥺

I was frequently advised that "once clients lose out on a few, they'll start to write stronger offers". 😧 Woah. Record scratch. So you're telling me that I'm to drag my friends (clients!) around town the moment a house pops on the market, witness them anguish over how much is their "walk away" price, give it their best shot, wait sometimes DAYS for a response all excited and nervous, only to have them "lose out on a few"? Heck no, my friend. I decided there had to be a better way!

💪 Enter: my Strongest Offer worksheet. Taking my experience from the other side of the table - weeding through multiple offers with my seller clients - I flipped the script to help buyers know what has been helping offers stand out from the crowd.

💪 Since writing this guide and making it part of my FIRST meeting with hopeful homeowners this year, I have watched our hunt time drastically reduce. I recently helped a family who toured exactly ONE house, wrote ONE offer implementing strategies we discussed from this worksheet, and are now happily moved into their gorgeous new home!

💪Now, I know that's an extreme example and in this competitive market there are no guarantees but I have to wonder how many months it would have taken if I were willing to let them learn by "losing a few" first. I would much rather insist on taking the time to set clients on a path to success right from the jump than watch them go through repeated doubt and heartbreak.

Know someone who is thinking of homebuying but this market has them nervous? I've got a tried and true plan for that. Let's chat. 💚

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